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Melissa McCarthy Playing Tough Role of Press Secretary Sean Spicer On ‘SNL’

Highly Creative, Tough Satire to swallow for Press Secretary John Spicer! 

If Spicer himself thought it was time for “SNL” to tone down the mean, McCarthy only amped it up. She was even more explosive as she mocked fake facts, extreme vetting, Spicer’s outlandish treatment of the media and the Trump administration’s slam on Nordstrom’s for dumping Ivanka Trump’s products.

McCarthy’s barely contained “Spicey” struggled to control himself at the very start of a press conference in the cold open.

“OK, now I’m gonna open it up for questions and I’m probably gonna’ freak if you start asking stupid questions. Speaking of freaks and stupid ones, Glenn Thrush, New York Times, stupid hack, go,” McCarthy snapped.

When cast member Bobby Moynihan, playing Thrush, asked about the court decision against Trump’s travel ban, a furious Spicey pointed skyward, saying: “You’re testing me, big guy.” Spicey vowed to take it all the way to the “People’s Court.” When Thrush explained that it’s not a real court, a livid Spicey shouted: “Don’t eff with me, Glenn.”

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