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Ashley Judd: 'I feel Hitler in these streets!' at Women's Protest in DC

Ashley Judd: 'I feel Hitler in these streets!'

American actress Ashley Judd has just launched a ferocious attack on Trump, using the slam poetry of a 19-year-old from Tennessee, Nina Donovan.

"I am a nasty woman", she drawled, quoting Trump's debate remark about Hillary Clinton.

"I'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetoh dust."

It continued: "Blacks are still in shackles and graves just for being black.

"Slavery has been reinterpreted as the prison system in front of people who see melanin as animal skin.

"I am not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag.

"And I didn't know Hitler could be resurrected, but I feel Hitler in these streets!

"A moustache traded for a toupee, Nazis renamed, the cabinet, electoral conversion therapy, the new gas chambers, shaming gay out of America, turning rainbows into suicide notes."

And on it went. Full video below...

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